ABC Challenge 2015



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Sharisse (@piecescalligraphy) and Nina (@anintran) are hosting a handlettering challenge onInstagram for 26 days starting Thursday, July 9, 2015 and we’d love for you to join us!

Our goal is to inspire and motivate you to pick up a writing tool and practice a drawing a letter a day with us for 26 days, as a community.

This is going to be a fun challenge.  If you’re looking for ways to improve your lettering and/or calligraphy skills, there’s nothing like showing up to your workspace everyday and making a commitment to practice.  Instagram has an amazing community of dedicated and inspiring letterers and calligraphers.

This challenge is open to all — letterers, calligraphers, doodlers, brothers, sisters, neighbors… Anyone can join at any time.

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  1. Let us know you’re joining in on Instagram with the ONE thing that you want to improve upon during this challenge.
  2. Handwrite the letter of the day using any form of lettering (does not have to be calligraphy).
  3. Post a photo of your letter using the hashtag #handletteredABCs. (Optional: You can also create your own hashtag to track your own alphabet. Example: #piecesABCs or#anintranABCs).
  4. After you post your letter, browse the hashtag to check out and support others as they post their letters.

What can you expect? The goals of this challenge are simply to learn together, keep each other accountable to practice daily, and have fun! Ask questions, cheer others on, and let us know how we can help you with your handlettering and calligraphy.

So grab a cup of coffee (or tea), get your tools out, and let’s get ready to rock the ABCs!


Day 1 (7/9): a
Day 2 (7/10): b
Day 3 (7/11): c
Day 4 (7/12): d
Day 5 (7/13): e
Day 6 (7/14): f
Day 7 (7/15): g
Day 8 (7/16): h
Day 9 (7/17): i
Day 10 (7/18): j
Day 11 (7/19): k
Day 12 (7/20): l
Day 13 (7/21): m
Day 14 (7/22): n
Day 15 (7/23): o
Day 16 (7/24): p
Day 17 (7/25): q
Day 18 (7/26): r
Day 19 (7/27): s
Day 20 (7/28): t
Day 21 (7/29): u
Day 22 (7/30): v
Day 23 (7/31): w
Day 24 (8/1): x
Day 25 (8/2): y
Day 26 (8/3): z



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Day 27 (8/4): Full alphabet

Day 28 (8/5): Redo (any letter)

Day 29 (8/6): Double letter

Day 30 (8/7): Pangram

Day 31 (8/8): Your name

Full alphabet: Share all of the letters (A-Z) in one post!  You can either handletter the entire alphabet or create a collage of your previous letter posts.

Redo (any letter): Here’s your chance to redo any letter you did not like the first time you posted it.  Maybe you always wanted to take a better photo or write it differently.

Double letter: Write a letter twice!  You can either write the double letter (ex: oo, ee, ll, tt) or write a word containing the double letter (ex: hello, happy, pretty).

Pangram: Pangrams are words or sentences containing every letter of the alphabet at least once.  The most popular pangram is probably: “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Your name: We want to know your name!  Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you love calligraphy in the caption!

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