Our Mission

Our mission at handletteredABCs is to celebrate, promote, and encourage the art of handlettering.

Together with handlettering artists and calligraphers from all around the world, we strive daily to create an inspiring, hard-working, and dynamic community. We strive to:

  • Challenge our community members to practice daily and deliberately,
  • Teach beginners the basics of handlettering and helping them build a solid foundation, and
  • Motivate others to get started with handlettering and join our community of passionate artists.

The Original #handletteredABCs Challenge

It all began as a simple challenge to write every letter of the alphabet, one at a time, for 26 days in a row.

Handletterers, calligraphers, and artists from around the world joined Sharisse (@piecescalligraphy) and Nina (@anintran) in this unique opportunity, connecting over this shared passion and inspiring each other to practice daily. Beginners, experienced artists, and everyone in between were eager to show up everyday, practice diligently, share their work, engage with the community, and have fun.

The Birth of @handletteredABCs

The “ABC Community” continued to grow even after the challenge, which eventually lead to the birth of @handletteredABCs.  This new account would be devoted 100% to the ABC Community, providing themed challenges on a weekly basis to keep the momentum of the original challenge going.

“Self-worth comes from one thing: A belief that you are worthy.” – Wayne Dyer