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Location: La Union, Philippines
Instagram: @malou.aquino
A bit about Malou:

I am Malou Aquino, 35 years of age (turning 36 on june 6), a wife and a mother of three! I am from La Union, Philippines. I love to combine doodles and letters, giving it cute details and designs. I enjoy handlettering so much that it makes me happy and relaxed. (That’s why I do it before I sleep.) Lettering challenges gave me the opportunity to meet talented people who inspired me to do better in what I do. And to be confident enough to share the work that I have done. Thank you to @handletteredabcs for the chance to be part of your community.
See more of Malou’s work at: #abcsbymalou



Location: Venezuela
Instagram: @valeriamolinari

A bit about Valeria:

I am a Venezuelan illustrator and designer with a background in animation. I enjoy experimenting with mediums to evolve my practice, and I am currently working with embroidery and printmaking. Handlettering is something I love and have been doing on and off since I can remember. Handletteredabcs was the perfect way to start up the year with a fun project that involved two things I love to do. The challenge was a good way to create consistency, and to experiment with type and stitch. But my favorite part of the challenge was definitely the community created by the people involved in the project. 

See more of Valeria’s work at: #stitchyourheartout #handletteredstitch



Location: Naperville, Illinois, USA
Instagram: @ibaadah

A bit about Zohra:

When I started #handletteredabcs_2016 challenge I was not sure if I will be able to carry on through the entire alphabet series. I love handlettering, watercolors and doodling and decided to incorporate these three elements in my series. With each passing day, I was pleasantly surprised to see the outcome and progress I made.  The creativity, the talent along with the humbleness and warmth this incredible community exuberates is mind-blowing. It was an amazing 26 days of inspiration, challenge and fun.  Thank you #handletteredABCs team and each member of this community who stopped by to appreciate my efforts and left encouraging comments. Surely it has meant a lot  🙂

See Zohra’s full alphabet here: #ibaadah_abcs


Location:Hong Kong
Instagram: @stellating

A bit about Stella:

Since I re-discovered my passion in Calligraphy and Lettering one and half year ago, the exploring journey has been incredibly amazing, Calligraphy is not only an art, it’s also a beautiful way to express and communicate. And the HandletteredABCs challenges certainly made valuable experiences to me, I have been inspired by many talents in the community, and it’s my great pleasure to gain the friendships here. The challenges have motivated me to commit, to explore and challenge myself out of the comfort zone. I knew nothing about Blackletter before the latest challenge, writing this Old English text was really difficult to me and I wanted to give up several times in the middle of it. Thanks for the continuous support from the wonderful people in the community, I finally achieved it and guess what, I am a huge fan of Blackletter now!
See Stella’s full alphabet here: #stellahismabcs



Location:Bangalore, India
Instagram: @chicabeingme

A bit about Shikha:

I am a freelance illustrator and artist from India. I am passionate about illustration, hand-lettering and postcards. I am usually found with my sketchbook and brush pens, illustrating postcards or trying my hand at different forms of art and craft. My work is inspired by my travels, culinary exploits, visual experiences and social exchanges.

The #handletteredABCs challenge was such a great experience and I am so glad I was a part of it. It helped kick start my creativity and was indeed a perfect start to this year. When I started off drawing the first two letters, I never imagined that I would make an entire alphabet of creatures. This is the first time that I’ve drawn so many animals and throughout this journey I learnt a lot about their anatomy and structure. At times, it was so difficult to find creatures for certain letters, especially for X. I kept myself inspired by looking at posts from all the talented participants. It’s great to have such an awesome bunch of creative people in the hand-lettering community. I really wish there were a few more letters in the alphabet 🙂 Now that my alphabet is complete, I am planning to make a little picture book out of my letters. I’m also looking forward to participate in more hand-lettering challenges in the future 🙂
See Shikha’s full alphabet here:#handletteredABCsbychica



Instagram: @topazwave

A bit about Jennifer:

My name is Jennifer and I live near the California coast with my husband, four kids, and one year old black lab Whitney. I have been practicing pointed pen calligraphy since last July and absolutely love it.

This was my first time going through the #handletteredabcs alphabet challenge and I chose to use a folded pen just for the fun of it. It is a huge change of pace from copperplate and I just like mixing things up! My very favorite thing about the challenge was seeing how creative people are and how many different ways one can approach the alphabet. From beginners to people who have been lettering and creating art for years, it was fascinating to see how people interpreted the letters each day. It was also great to be able to encourage others and to be encouraged as well. What a great community we have!

See Jennifer’s full ABCs here: #topazwaveABCs


Alphabet Collection by TiantianXu - artist collection

Location: California, USA
Instagram: @tiantianxu

A bit about Tiantian:

Each letter represents one of my favorite words: some of them (e.g. Brave, Empathy, Focus…) are my goals, others (Dream, Mystery, Universe…) are simply beautiful words that I found fascinating to interpret. It was fun to combine letter with illustration. It was also challenging to symbolize some words. As a result, I learned a lot along the way. Big thanks to @handletteredabcs for providing this opportunity to create cool stuff and meet amazing people around the world.

See Tiantian’s full ABCs here: #alphabetbytx.


ep_abcs artist collection

Artist: ERICA
Location: Toronto, Canada
Instagram: @ep_lettering

A bit about Erica:

I started hand lettering in 2015 after coming across several amazing artists on Instagram. I wanted to create beautiful letters just like they did, so I watched, learned and practiced daily. The 2016 ABCs challenge gave me the opportunity to try something new – the pointed pen – and after 26 days of consistent practice, I realized that I still have so much more to learn! What I love most about the #handletteredABCs challenges is meeting talented artists from around the world, both new and experienced, who share a passion for lettering. I have found that as this community continues to grow, so does its willingness to openly share knowledge and inspire creativity. That, to me, is a beautiful thing!

See Erica’s full ABCs here: #ep_abcs.


brittanyletters_ABCs artist collection

Location: Georgia, USA
Instagram: @brittanyluiz

A bit about Brittany:

Two years ago when I took my first online lettering class, I never would have believed that I’d now be lettering every day at the most amazing job ever. After binge-watching hours of lettering videos, I started my own 100 Lettering Days (#100letteringdays) project to push myself to letter and make sure I practiced. Once I got my first brush pen, the Tombow Fudenosuke, I completely fell in love with not only brush lettering but also Tombow. A few months later when Tombow had a job opening just down the road from where I live, I knew it was meant to be. Now I’m able to letter every day and interact with people in the lettering community through Tombow’s social accounts. I love seeing how supportive, kind and helpful this community is and I’m so happy to be part of it – both personally and professionally. The Handlettered ABCs challenge is a shining example of the amazing lettering community, and has been a great way for me to continue to push myself to practice and try new styles.
See Brittany’s full ABCs here: #brittanyletters_ABCs.



Artist: ABBY
Location: Maryland, USA
Instagram: @abbyleighink

A bit about Abby:

“I’m a mom of 2 little boys with a BA in linguistics and a love of language and letters.

I wanted to use the Handlettered ABCs challenge to guide my pointed pen practice. But about halfway through the challenge I decided to have a bit more fun with it. I started creating these letters and felt so fueled by inspiration from other people participating in the challenge. Their creativity is contagious! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed drawing and being creative just for the fun of it.”
See Abby’s full ABCs here #abbyleigh_shadowabcs.


Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Instagram: @thepapergnome

A bit about Darcy:

“I’m over 200 days into a one-year challenge to #lettereveryday and the @handletteredabcs challenges allow me to contribute to a larger community and help keep the artist’s block at bay. I use the app Paper by @fiftythree and their Pencil stylus to make most of my illustrations. You can see the rest of my alphabet under #thepapergnomeabcs and follow along for more daily handlettering and illustration @thepapergnome.

See Darcy’s full ABCs here: #thepapergnomeabcs.



Location: Newport Pagnell, UK
Instagram: @sevenseventyfive
Twitter: @7SeventyFive

A bit about Andrew:

“I live in the UK with my family and two dogs.  I started practicing calligraphy so I could study letterforms, and I love developing my handlettering through calligraphy.  From early on I got completely hooked on variations of the Fraktur script – a glorious (and sometimes decadent) Gothic Blackletter  I missed the challenge in 2015, and really regretted not taking part.  So when I saw it come up this year, I just had to jump in – my ‘A’ was done at about 10pm on the second night – I literally the moment I saw the challenge come up.  I really liked the opportunity to study just a single letter.  With only one letter, there’s nowhere to hide and it really encouraged me to focus on quality, shape and form.  And it was also a great opportunity to enjoy the letters in their own right, which we don’t often get to do.”

To see more of Andrew’s work, check out #makedaily.


Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Instagram: @aperfectsomething

A bit about Carrie:

“The #handletteredABCs challenge was a great motivator to continue pushing myself to practice everyday. I love me a good challenge, so I did my series using three different tools; not only did it give me a variety of mediums to work with, I also learned so much! Like how not every color combo is as nice on paper as it is in your head, or how it’s almost impossible to get three letters looking exactly the same next to each other even after a lot of practice, or how if your watercolors are looking kinda gross on paper, maybe you should try using different paper! 

Best of all, I was able to learn from everyone else participating in the challenge, making new friends along the way. Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement, a big ol’ heart eye emoji for each and every one of you!”

See Carrie’s full ABCs here: #aps_abcs.



Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Periscope: @artbyrim

A bit about Rim:

“I love arts and crafts and recently decided to learn hand lettering. The amount of love and support I received as a beginner through the IG community kept me motivated and excited. I’ve feared the majuscules since the very beginning of my journey and decided that this challenge was going to be about facing that fear. With the challenge over I can’t get enough of capital letters! I’ve made so many new calligrafriends and I’m so happy to have “met” all of them”

See Rim’s full ABCs here #rims_ABCs.


ABCs Collage - 13
Location: Virginia, USA
Instagram: @creativity52blog

A bit about Donna:

“I had SO much fun rediscovering my love of calligraphy and watercolor by doing this challenge!  I did calligraphy many moons ago and was inspired to take it up again after seeing so many wonderful calligraphers and lettererson IG.  I was too nervous to use a pointed pen right out of the gate, so I just used a plain ol’ Sharpie to draw my letters.  I added the watercolor paintings for fun and interest… my daughter helped me decide what to paint and it was great to have her be part of the process too!  I want to thank Sharisse, Nina and this wonderful IG community for your encouragement and inspiration!   I look forward to continue seeing you and being inspired by you on IG!”

See Donna’s full ABCs here: #creativity52ABCs.


Location: Singapore
Instagram: @myedeleon
Twitter: @myedeleon
Periscope: @myedeleonSnapchat: @myedeleon

A bit about Mye:

“I’m a letterer and designer specialising in both digital and print products. My brand Mye De Leon has grown from digital scrapbook to licensing design brand offering a mix of fun, sophisticated and sometimes quirky designs for children’s toys, stationery, posters, paper crafting supplies and more. I love #handletteredABCs because it inspires me to create something on a daily basis. The ladies behind this are amazing in sharing all of their knowledge and I truly appreciate that too! When I lack the motivation, I simply marvel over the beautiful pieces of art and inspiration will start flowing”

See Mye’s full ABCs here: #mdlhandlettering.


Location: Manila, Philippines
Instagram: @kylahnaomi

A bit about Kylah:

“Hi! My name is Kylah Naomi and I’m a 19 year old graphic design student from Manila, Philippines. I’ve been playing around with type since I was in grade school but have only started doing calligraphy last May. I started with using dip pens and then gradually learned brush calligraphy. I am a self-taught calligrapher but I did go to a calligraphy workshop once to see what I have been missing.  I love the color pink, eating sweets and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and am currently a fine arts student. I like sharing my works with friends because it spreads the joy and good vibes and I love to mix my calligraphy with design because what better combination is there? I try to practice calligraphy everyday and hopefully get better through time!”

See Kylah Naomi’s full alphabet here: #ABCsbykylahnaomi


Location: Los Baños, Philippines
Instagram: @pauljureyvalle
Twitter: Twitter: @pauljureyvalle

A bit about Paul:

“#HandletteredABCs gave me the accountability and opportunity that I needed to improve on my lettering. It encouraged me to show up every day, doing one letter at a time. It pushed me to be creative, and come up with 26 different styles for the whole alphabet. At the start of the challenge, I didn’t even think I could do it!

The improvement, however, was not even the best part! The most amazing thing with it was the incredible kindness and support I experienced from the community. I was making “instafriends” with people who are thousands of miles away from me! What a privilege it is to be part of this amazing group of people!”
See Paul Jurey’s full alphabet here: #PaulJureyABCs


Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

A bit about Volta:

“I discovered lettering about a year ago and fell in love with it completely as it became a medium that combined two of my most favorite things: art + language. I was late in joining the #handletteredABCs challenge because I was finishing up my master’s, but I am so glad that I still did it even if I had to go at my own pace.

What started as an artistic challenge to get my mind off of school, turned into a creative journey where I met incredible individuals that continue to inspire me on a daily basis. I came for the lettering, but really stayed for the inspiration & community, of which I am extremely proud to be a part of.”

Check out Volta’s entire alphabet series here: #voltaABCs


Processed with VSCO

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Instagram @gs_calligraphy

A bit about Grace:

“I started my hand lettering journey in July 2015 (the beginning of summer holidays as a teacher) and that is when the first round of the #handletteredABCs challenge began.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I learned the basics and, more importantly, have built a routine of showing up every day.  The most surprising thing that came out of joining the IG community is finding out how warm and positive everyone is, and that in itself keeps me motivated.  There is so much inspiration to be found in the work of the new and experienced; there really is no limit to creativity and that is exciting to me! I love all the #calligrafriends that I’ve made here and look forward to what the future holds for all of us!”

See her full ABCs here: #gs_ABCs



Location: New Jersey, USA
Instagram @madebysonia

A bit about Sonia:

“I started this lettering journey just about a year ago.  I had always been someone who enjoyed nice handwriting, so to me, it felt natural to try my hand at calligraphy.  But when I picked up my first pointed pen, I was challenged by how much control, practice, and patience it required.  Then I ventured into brushlettering and handlettering.  Each style of writing was fun to try and explore.  And it’s projects like #100daysproject and #handletteredABCs that gave me a vision and purpose to practice and refine my skills.  I especially liked how this particular challenge gave me a target to focus on one at a time.  It really motivated me to try new things and have fun!”

See her full alphabet here: #handletteredabcsbysonia



Location: Manila, Philippines
Instagram @typeandtreats

A bit about Andrea and Jerrika:

“We’ve known each other since kindergarden and have always shared an interest in arts. Fascinated with words handwritten and bursting with colors, we put up a page in IG to showcase our works, and it’s been almost a year since then. We’ve each developed our own styles – Andrea being the calligrapher and Jerrika being the letterer. More often than not, we collaborate and find ways to put our styles together, so we thought of doing the same for the #handletteredABCs challenge. It was so much fun to experiment with letter forms, colors, and illustrations for each letter! We loved how it challenged us to come up with something unique each day. It’s been wonderful to see others’ works, and it’s pretty amazing to see how calligraphy and lettering has connected people from different parts of the world! We are so happy to be part of this community!”

See their full alphabet from the challenge here: #ABCsbyTypeAndTreats.



Location: Pittsburg, PA, USA
Instagram @sincerelydesigned

A bit about Kathleen:

“I’ve always loved drawing, and graphic design, so there was something about calligraphy that felt like the perfect marriage between the two. Now, I am having a blast working with wedding clients, custom commissions, and brand design clients through my business Sincerely Designed. Handlettered ABCs is such a beautiful community, and I’m so happy to always be seeing my friends, old and new, in the weekly hashtags.”



Location: San Diego, California, USA
Instagram: @ranjanili
Twitter: @ranjanili

A bit about Ranjani:

I’ve always had an interest in typography and lettering, but last year while planning my wedding I rediscovered my interest in calligraphy and henna designs. I was attracted to this challenge because it gave me the inspiration to really work on expanding my henna alphabet and the little push I needed to share/sell my art.  Also I found it to be a relaxing way to wind down and de-stress after a long day at work.

See Ranjani’s entire alphabet at: #ranjanihennaletters.


Artist: T.C. MORADOS
Location: Manila, Philippines
Instagram: @inksandcoffee

A bit about TC:

“What I love about #handletteredABCs are their very supportive letterers and calligraphers. I started the challenge late for about a week or two that I got to post multiple letters a day just to keep up!

Regardless of different places and time zones we’re in, I felt a closer bond with my lettering friends than before thanks to this creative hobby of ours and of course to the type community. I’m beyond glad to be a part of it. Hugs all the way from Manila!”
Check out her full set of beautiful letters here: #theABCbyTC.



Location: Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA
Instagram: @supertruper17
Twitter: @supertruper17
Pinterest: @supertruper17
Behance: emilysikora

A bit about Emily:

“Hand lettering and illustration are what I love most about design. During the summer, I try to keep myself busy with personal projects to keep creative when I’m not in school (I’ll graduate in May with a BFA in graphic design! Woo!). Joining the #handletteredABCs challenge turned out to be a great experience because I was encouraged and inspired by other letterers from around the world. As an artist, I am intrigued by intricate line work, stippling, and patterns and try to incorporate those into my design work. A big thank you to Nina and Sharisse for starting the challenge and creating an “instacommunity” of creatives.”

Check out Emily’s full alphabet series on Instagram #esikoraABC



Location: Manila, Philippines
Instagram: @katspaperfinds

A bit about Kathleen:

“Long before my interest on lettering resurfaced, I used to play a lot with designer papers & cardstocks turning them into party invites. When I became a mama of two boys, my time to create has been a bit of a struggle. The handlettered ABCs challenge somehow fueled me to have those creative juices flowing again. It gave me the energy to play with colors and draw letters even after a long fun-filled tiring day with the kids. This challenge kept me inspired and motivated. I feel happy and proud to be part of this group!”

To see her full set of ABCs, click here.  Be sure to visit her Instagram account to see more amazing lettering!



Location: Singapore
Instagram: @portia_hand

A bit about Portia:

“Starting out with mere curiosity in Calligraphy, I found this amazing community. It’s very rewarding to know that people here are inspiring and motivating – like these lovely ladies, Nina and Sharisse.

HandletteredABCs is one of the challenges that helped a lot in my calligraphy and brush lettering study. It’s a wonder how everyone’s posts are so unique, albeit using the same or similar scripts and tools. It’s a good push for us to go beyond what we can, and a good way to get into the momentum. You’ll never be the same calligrapher at the end of this challenge. You’ll be MUCH better.”

Visit her Instagram to see more of her amazing Copperplate and Brush Lettering!


Location: Hong Kong
Instagram: @thethingshannahloves

A bit about Hannah:

“This challenge was simply genius-hats off to the creators 🙂 It was so fun to participate because it made me think outside the box–practice my handlettering–and spark my creative juices! But, what I loved most was seeing all the amazing artist out there show their stuff!”

To see more of Hannah’s work, visit her beautifully curated Instagram feed!



Location: Hong Kong
Instagram: @inkdropletcreations

A bit about Evelyn:

“I love the process of learning, and seeing everyone’s beautiful script motivates me to keep practicing and trying. It’s extremely therapeutic for me especially after a long day at the firm, and I love seeing how even though people are all writing the same script, because of our personalities, everyone’s writing turns out a little different- and that tells us a lot about that person. It’s also an amazing opportunity to meet fellow calligraphers and to view other calligrapher’s work which is, as always, extremely inspiring. I am super glad I participated in this challenge as it allowed me to push my limits even further. It wasn’t the best way to start spencerian, but I couldn’t resist playing around with the majuscules!! & ofcourse I have to thank both Nina & Sharisse for organizing this challenge, you ladies are amazing! I can’t wait to see what else is in store!”

Stop by Evelyn’s Instagram to see more of her lovely calligraphy!



Location: Canada
Instagram: @kellycreates @kellyklapstein

A bit about Kelly:

“Hello from Canada! My name is Kelly, aka Kelly Creates in the creative online communities. This past summer I’ve discovered a love for handlettering and watercolor, and I have to thank Sharisse & Nina for the Hand Lettered ABCs challenge on IG because without joining in, I would never have dedicated the time for daily practice or to explore my art. In the ‘real world,’ I am a writer, designer and teacher for Canadian Scrapbooker magazine and love being a part of the crafting industry.”

See more of Kelly’s beautiful and vibrant lettering and watercolors here.


Location: Manila, Philippines
Instagram: @lettersbylei

A bit about Lei:

“Completing the Handlettered ABCs challenge did wonders to me. At first I’m not quite sure that I’ll be able to keep up. I’ve been late several times, but thanks to everyone’s kind and encouraging words, I was able to catch up. Because of you I never ever considered giving up. This is a big achievement for me. I’m so proud and happy to be a part of the #handletteredabcs.”

Check out more of Lei’s awesome work on Instagram!



Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Instagram: @yourstrulycalligraphy

A bit about Priscilla:

“I am a calligrapher based in San Diego, California. Although modern calligraphy is my first love, I am currently exploring copperplate and loving it! The handlettered ABCs challenge really inspired me to practice both calligraphy and watercolors on a daily basis.  I also think it is amazing how the challenge is bringing together a vast and encouraging community of calligraphers and artists!”
See Priscilla’s entire ABCs series at #ytcABCs!



Instagram: @itjustflows

A bit aboutJustine:

“Seeing so many diverse beautiful styles in this challenge, along with people’s amazing encouragement, helped in my struggle to embrace my own whimsical style.

#handletteredABCs evolved my abstract #itjustflowspeopletype. Unsure if others could see the “people” that I saw in letters, I began writing descriptions which grew into stories (often taking more time to write than the lettering itself!).

I was humbled by the overwhelming response to my little #itjustflowspeopletype as they came to life each day – including stories of love, heartbreak, healing, fairy godmothers, dog poop, mermaids, penguins, sumo wrestlers, even an angry cactus.

Stay tuned for more stories…”

See Justine’s full collection here.  To see the best of her collection here.


Instagram: @iamjudyg
Twitter: @iamjudyg

A bit about Judy:

“The timing of this challenge couldn’t have been more perfect. I was really set to start my study on Copperplate majuscules…so it sort of gave me the push that I needed. And like I’ve shared on my IG, I don’t have a very ambitious goal with my calligraphy. I just want to be able to write something pleasing (to my eyes, at least) and be really proud of it.”

See all of Judy’s ABCs Instgram at #judygABCs.


Location: Kennewick, WA, USA
Instagram: @sarahgraphic

A bit about Sarah:

“I’m Sarah and I live in Kennewick, WA. What I liked most about the #handletteredABCs challenge was the discipline of having to come up with something a little bit different to make every day and having to post it even if it wasn’t perfect.  I also loved seeing everyone else’s work and the feeling of community.”

See more of Sarah’s work on Instagram.



Location: Valladolid, Spain
Instagram: @froskolin

A bit about Ana:

“My name is Ana and I live in a tiny town of Spain, called Valladolid.  I love so much the calligraphy and I’ve enjoyed the #handletteredABC challenge because I’ve had the opportunity of learn a lot of things from other calligraphy lovers. That’s awesome!”

See Ana’s full Handlettered ABC collection here #froskolinABCs.



Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Instagram: @letteritlovely

A bit about Kimlay:

“Hello! My name is Kimlay; wife, mama, RN, and a self-taught artist/handletterer. I have always possessed an affinity for art and the craft of handlettering and blending the two just made perfect sense. Most of what I created was for my own enjoyment and that of family and friends, however as support and encouragement grew, so did my confidence to share my work with others, which led me to Instagram and its wonderful art/handlettering community.”

Check out Kimlay’s full Handlettered ABCs collection on Instagram @letteritlovely.



Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
Instagram: @fourwetfeet

A bit about Shannon:

“I am Shannon Chen, the designer behind Four Wet Feet Studio.  I am passionate about illustration and hand lettering.  Watercolor and gouache are my favorite medium to work with.  This challenge was so much fun and painting those plants and fruits along side with the alphabet was a very good everyday exercise.”

Check out Shannon’s full Handlettered ABCs collection on Instagram @fourwetfeet.


Location: Manila, Philippines
Instagram: @camsobligacion
Twitter: @camsobligacion

A bit about Camille:

“In a season of rediscovering passions, finding out about an upcoming HandletteredABCs challenge was serendipitous. I’ve long wanted to try calligraphy & lettering. An online challenge was just the accountability I needed to start doing something regularly. I found myself with not only more knowledge & use of the technicalities of calligraphy & making tangles, but also with such an appreciation for the incredible monetary, temporal, & heart investments it entailed – including the daily discipline, perseverance, humility, & immense patience that this practice called for. I also formed truly wonderful friendships through the generously encouraging & engaging IG community!”

Check out Camille’s full Handlettered ABCs collection here #camilleABCs.


Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

A bit about Sunim:

“Hi! My name is Sunim and I recently moved to San Francisco. The handlettered ABCs challenge was a great way for me to practice my watercoloring and learn copperplate. Thanks Nina! You may even notice that my copperplate shows up more in later posts. I have an obsession with gradation and so I use watercolors a lot as my calligraphy ink. “

Check out Sunim’s full Handlettered ABCs collection here #sunimABCs.